If you enjoy writing, or are simply passionate about an area of sport, then we’d love you to become a Sydney Sport reporter!

If you have a club or business you would like to promote, consider writing about a topic that’s close to your business and to your heart, and then promote your business at the end of the article in a sentence or two – you can even include links to your website/Facebook page etc (see an example, here). It’s our thanks to you for writing the article! Or, if you simply love sport and would like to share your opinions on an aspect of sport, then that’s great, too.

Topics could include:

  • game tactics

  • health and fitness

  • diet and nutrition

  • kids in sport

  • player profiles

  • general topics such as coaching, joining a sport, playing conditions, competing etc

  • …and so much more!

Articles (500-800 words) are typically general in nature, offering advice and tips and photos, with sentences at the end leading to a business website for more information or to book a session/season/service etc.

All articles are also posted on the Sydney Sport Facebook page,  @SydneySport on Twitter and on other social media to gain click-through and give your business/yourself greater exposure. Please Like/Follow these pages so that you can see your posts.

Note that all articles on Sydney Sport must be original and exclusive to Sydney Sport (meaning they cannot be published elsewhere). You can, however, promote the link to any Sydney Sport articles on your own social media. You can read more about our basic Reporter Guidelines, here.

If you would like to become a Sydney Sport Reporter, simply write to editor@sydneysport.net.au and outline what you would like to write about.

We look forward to seeing your Sports Pages!


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