Join hundreds of businesses in the Sydney Sport Sports Directory so that it becomes part of the searchable network on Sydney Sport and the web, and promotes your club or business to people in your local area. Those who wish to become members or clients can easily search via their Sydney region to find you.

We have the following two sections:

YOUR SPORT = sports clubs
SUPPORT CREW = all sports-aligned businesses, such as coaching/lessons, fitness centres/classes, physios and more!


– you’ll be placed at the top of your chosen category (in order of submission) and receive social media advertising (see Want to stand out more? below). You don’t need to do anything; we’ll make sure it happens after you book your spot in the directory.


We offer this premium package for just $130 for 12 months – less than the cost of 1 cup of coffee each week. 

Note: You can also purchase a 24-month listing for $215, if desired.

What you get!

  • You will immediately be seen by all browsing the directory in the category they are interested in.
  • You will receive a log-in so you are able to update the text at will and as often as you like. This is particularly appealing for clubs/businesses which have various competitions and events to promote to the public on an ongoing basis. Have a competition running? Pop it in the listing. Need a few extra people to make up a team? Pop it in the listing. Have a special offer? Pop it in the listing. And so on…
  • Any event or article published by your club/business will have a link back to the directory so that people can view your latest offerings.
  • You are able to showcase FIVE glossy images of your premises or sporting action.
  • You can attach YouTube videos.
  • There is a star-rating system, so that potential customers can read reviews on your club/business, helping to reinforce their decision to join or visit.
  • Potential members/customers can email you directly from your listing if they have any questions.
  • There are links straight to your website and any social media pages.
  • There is a map of your exact whereabouts.
  • You receive SEO for your listing.
  • You receive a fantastic 20% off the price of appearing in the popular quarterly Sydney Sport School Holiday guide.

Sports Camps AustraliaWant to stand out more?

We also offer a Featured Listing option (extra $42 for 12 months), and business who opt for this will receive the following additional benefits. 

  • Placement at the top of their listing category (in order of submission) so as to be viewed before others in the listing category. Your main image also contains a striking red banner across one corner.
  • A ‘welcome to Sydney Sport’ post on Facebook, Twitter and in the Sydney Sport monthly ‘On the Ball’ newsletter.



There are TWO ways to join. Simply:

  1. Add A Listing to enter a new club/business. Click here for Your Sport. Click here for Support Crew. If your club/business is already featured in the directory and you want make it your own so that it can be edited at will, simply email
  2. Let us do it for you. Don’t want to bother with forms or you prefer an invoice rather than paying online? We can fill in the details on your listing for you and then invoice – just email and we can go from there. Easy!


Click here for Your Sport. Click here for Support Crew.


Once you’ve filled in your details to list your new business in the Sydney Sport SPORTS DIRECTORY and your details are verified, we will be in touch to let you know your listing is live. Then it’s all yours to edit as you desire. If you have any questions regarding listing your business, please email

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