Not oranges again! How many times have your heard that during your sport’s half-time break? Oranges quarters really are one of the best options around, but if you’re looking for something else to add to your snack arsenal, take a look at these options…

Keep in mind that the snacks you choose will depend on how long your half-time is: it could be 5 minutes or 15! And also how old the players are. For example, U6s with five minutes to regain their mojo have limited time to chomp.

As far as keeping up fluids is concerned, Sports Dietitians Australia says: “While water is the priority fluid during training and for hydration during the day, and in most matches, sports or electrolyte drinks may be useful during a game for players identified as having high energy requirements or heavy fluid losses as they can deliver some fuel and electrolytes.”

Note that young players should not consume sports drinks. Find out more about sports drinks, here.

The idea behind your half-time snacks is to refuel with carbohydrates. Therefore, you want to consume snacks rich in good carbohydrates to replenish the carbs you’ve burned up during the game so far, so that you don’t become fatigued and fail to play at your best during the second half.

 List of half-time snacks 

  • Chopped fruit – orange quarters (of course!), watermelon, grapes (try freezing them), bananas, pineapple, berries, apple
  • Muesli bars (be mindful of nut allergies if supplying these)
  • Specialised sports nutrition products such as energy bars and gels
  • Dried fruit – think dates, raisins, dried apricots, craisins
  • Bagel with jam or honey (white bread breaks down more quickly than hi-fibre bread, and won’t cause an upset tummy)
  • A few soft lollies (don’t overdo it!) – snakes (a crowd favourite), jellybeans, strawberry creams, pineapples etc. Note that some of these can have nut traces, so look to the Natural Confectionery brand, available at supermarkets, if you’re concerned.
  • Plain popcorn

Try to avoid fatty foods, since these slow digestion, and salty foods, which can dehydrate rather than rehydrate.


Got any half-time snacks suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Bill M 1 May 2018 at 8.39am

    Are you really recommending giving sugar sweets? I can’t see how this is good advice for a sports page, especially with all of the growing evidence around how bad sugar sweets are for kids health. Wouldn’t they also just cause a peak and trough in blood sugar levels?? And plugging a particular brand too! Ruined what could have been some decent advice – you may as well recommend spoons of sugar (don’t overdo it!).

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