There are loads of spin classes on offer at gyms around the city, but if you can’t make one at a time that suits, then spin class DIY. Just jump on a bike at the gym or at home and give this 45-minute class a spin…

Before you start…

  • Make sure you have a doctor’s ok to perform a high-cardio-intensive work-out, and get the green light to exercise following any previous injuries.
  • Get comfy. Sneakers and tights or shorts might be all right to wear if you’re just starting out, but to get really comfortable you may want to invest in padded pants and bike shoes if cycling is going to become a regular part of your regimen.
  • Set up your the bike. For optimal performance, stand to the left of your bike and adjust its seat and handlebars to your hip height. Next, form a fist, then place it at the centre of the handlebars (closest to the seat). Now move the seat forwards or backwards until it touches your elbow.
  • Double-check the seat. When sitting on the seat with both pedals parallel to the ground, your front knee should be directly above the centre of the pedal. If it’s not, you’ll need to slide your seat forwards or backwards until your body is in proper alignment.
  • Think about posture. Go into your work-out with the idea you are going to perform all your moves correctly and in good alignment with the bike so as to prevent injury. If at any time you feel pain, then slow right down or stop the work-out.
  • Paste a grin on your face and have fun! And don’t forget to breathe the whole time!


First 3 minutes

Warm up. Go into a simple pedal with hardly any resistance.

3-8 minutes

Add some resistance. Pedal that little bit harder, even rising out of the saddle, if you like.

8-12 minutes

Make it harder. Add more resistance, then slow your pace to about 55-60 rpm. Alternate standing and sitting in 30-second blocks.

12-15 minutes

Get active. Reduce the resistance and keep a constant high pace at about 85 rpm.

15-18 minutes

Enjoy the ride. Add resistance again, then pedal at about 90-95 rpm.

18-23 minutes

Move it up and down. Increase the resistance and pedal at 65 rpm. Every 30 seconds, pedal as fast as you can for 15 seconds. Feelin’ the burn yet?

23-27 minutes

Put the pedal to the metal. Reduce the resistance and pedal flat out at at least 110 rpm.

27-30 minutes

Hit the hills. Push the resistance to 70 rpm and slow down. Alternate between sitting and standing every 30 seconds.

30-35 minutes

Cruisy does it. Ease up on the resistance and pedal at around 70-80 rpm.

35-42 minutes

Sprint it. Alternate between bursts of short and long sprints (from 10-60 seconds) at 95-110 rpm. After each sprint, recover at 65-75 rpm for as long as the previous sprint duration.

42-45 minutes

Cool right down. Pedal comfortably with barely any resistance at about 85 rpm. Now, hop off the bike, gather your breath, then go and enjoy a soy chai latte with the rest of the spin trend-setters!

Need some work-out music? Match these fabulous tunes with each section of your spin work-out: 50 SONGS TO GET SWEATY TO

So, how did you go? Too easy, too hard? If you have any tips for a great spin work-out, share them in the comments below.

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