Sporting teams and associations in Sydney are mighty proud of their location. And really, what’s not to love about Sydney? There are endless beautiful beaches and waterways, and stunning landmarks that are recognised the world over. Take a look at the Sydney icons hiding in our sporting logos. Most you might have noticed, but others are a bit more subtle…

Sydney FC

The Sydney Opera House sails feature in the background of this football logo.



Sydney Swans

The Opera House is cut into one side of the AFL team logo’s V.

The Swans

Sydney Kings

The Sydney Opera House Sails are scrawled across the logo and wrap around the basketball.

Sydney Kings


Sydney Roosters

Cleverly hiding in the rooster’s comb of this rugby league logo are the Opera House sails.

SYDNEY roosters logo

Sydney Sixers

Another subtle use of the Opera House sails in this cricket logo…



Sydney CBD FC

This fairly new football club also likes the Opera House sails.

amateur football


Northern Suburbs Basketball

A bear and the Harbour Bridge … why not?



Sydney Academy of Gymnastics

I think I see another Bridge here!

Sydney Academy of Gymnastics

Sydney Uni Flames

Another clever and subtle use of the Opera House sails in this national basketball league logo.


Sydney Women’s Rugby

A great use of the Bride and Opera House in this local rugby union logo.

Sydney Women's rugby

Sydney Cricket Association

Bridge meets Opera house again in this association logo.

cricket association

Sydney Women’s Cricket Umpires Association

There’s no confusion over the Sydney Harbour Bridge being in this logo.

Women's umpiring

Sydney Basketball League

And finally, the Sydney Tower!

Sydney basketball league

Sydney Metro Baseball

And here’s a baseball league logo that has made use of all the Sydney icons…

Sydney Metro Baseball

Sydney Volleyball League

A giant Harbour Bridge features here.

Sydney volleyball

Sydney Roller Derby League

Even the roller derby is getting in on the icon action!

roller derby

Did you spot them all? If you know of any more logos sporting Sydney landmarks, please share them in the comments section below.

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