Some athletes are following strict training regimens, where there is no room for procrastination. But many others just want to maintain their health and fitness to play their chosen sport on a weekend. Working out for an hour a day can be tricky to factor into a hectic lifestyle, but could you do 28 minutes? I chatted with recent Aussie Bachelor and personal trainer Sam Wood who believes you can.

Sam has spent more than 15 years training people in his Melbourne studio, The Woodshed, and has come to realise that busy people – particularly mums and corporates – seem to find it hard to schedule time to exercise and practise a healthy lifestyle. However, his fitness, health and wellbeing program, which has just launched as an app, hopes to change all that.

Called 28:28, the basic premise is this: work out for 28 minutes a day, every day, for 28 days. ‘When someone needs a plan and structure put together, I have found that 28 minutes works for everyone,’ Sam reveals. ‘A lot of people will start an exercise program and then lose their way because they can’t seem to fit an hour or more into their work or social calendar. But 28 minutes is achievable.’

Sam Wood workoutIt just requires a shift in priorities, Sam tells me matter of factly. ‘So many people will happily spend 28 minutes on Instagram or Facebook,’ he says. ‘But as they begin to exercise, their priorities change as they start to see the positive results. Everyday things that take up someone’s time tend to give way and their health improves.’

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the gym junkie type, 28:28 is not just about working up a sweat – it’s a complete lifestyle program. In fact, the app is the next best thing to having Sam with you personally. Throughout each 28-day program on the app, you will receive daily video work-outs and motivational messages, mindfulness podcasts, daily cooking segments, plus there’s a calendar so you can schedule your time in a more healthy way and make yourself accountable. You just let Sam know when it is you want to work out and he’ll take care of the rest.

A number of celebs have already put up their hands to trial Sam’s new app – TV and radio personalities Sam Pang, Lawrence Mooney and Kate Langbroek, and comedian and actress Julia Morris, to name a few. Julia only made it halfway through the program before she had to jet off to the jungle to film I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but still messages Sam with updates of her progress. Kate, who’s also a mum of four, admits she has struggled trying to find time in her day for exercise but is thrilled that Sam’s app is making a fitness regimen possible.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]‘Trying to find an hour was impossible: trying to find 28 minutes changed everything’ – Kate Langbroek[/pullquote]

The 28-minute work-outs

Sam has spent many hours coming up with a few hundred different work-outs for the five varying fitness levels featured on his app. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Rookie (new to exercise) or a Maniac (fit as all hell), you are guaranteed a new 28-minute exercise challenge every day of the month that makes you sweat in seven-minute rounds.

Sam Wood video workout

‘I’ve trained people for years and have had fantastic results with functional, high-intensity, fat-burning and strengthening exercises,’ Sam says. So don’t expect to get away with a couple of push-ups and a few leg lunges – these work-outs are designed to get results, and pretty quickly, too.

Sam enlisted 21 close friends and family to prove that his app does the job. He’s the first to admit that many people begin a personal training regimen to lose weight and tone up, so it was no surprise when he discovered that his friends and family lost an average of three kilograms in the 28-day challenge. His stunning fiancée Snezana Markoski followed the app from her home in Perth and lost five kilograms.

The meals prepped in under 28 minutes

Sam Wood meal plan

It’s easy to see how Snezana won Sam’s heart on The Bachelor, but this girl can really whip up a storm in the kitchen, too, and along with dietitians has played an integral part in developing the hundreds of meals on 28:28.

Each dish is prepared in under 28 minutes, which is definitely appealing for busy families and individuals on the go. And when I asked Sam if you needed to be able to cook to follow the meal plan, he just laughed. ‘I’m so bad in the kitchen’ he announced. ‘So if I can do it, anyone can. I was the guinea pig!’

The meal plan also caters for vegetarians and offers gluten-free options.

The mindfulness sessions

An optional component that Sam is very proud of is the two- and eight-minute mindfulness activities. These are meditations, miniature yoga sessions and deep breathing exercises that ‘allow people to put the brakes on and switch off’ for a while. Sam has worked with psychologists to develop these sessions to ensure people pressed for time can always manage a little downtime in their day.

As Sam says, the ultimate goal of 28:28 is to get more people active and to understand that no matter how busy you are, you can find 28 minutes for yourself. So, are you up for the challenge?

You can sign up for just a month to give it a try, or you can complete a new challenge every month – it’s totally up to you. And for less than two dollars a day, it’s pretty reasonable. Everything is organised for you; you don’t have to think about it, you just need to commit to it.

Sam WoodTo sign up, visit 28:28 by Sam Wood. You can also visit Sam’s Facebook page, and keep up to date on Twitter and Instagram.

Do you think you could fit in 28 minutes of exercise every day for 28 days? Is this the type of fitness program that would work for you? Let us know your thoughts in the reply section.


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