There is just something about some songs that resonates with a great work-out. A tempo that drives you to go faster, push harder, strive to be a winner! Here are 50 songs that have made lists around globe as the best songs to work-out to. So, which ones are your favourites? Vote now so we can see!

In 2006, a University of Plymouth study looked at the effects of music tempo and loudness on 30 ‘physically active’ people who worked out on a treadmill for 10 minutes. It was discovered that louder and faster music boosted speeds and heart rates as well as led to the participants choosing a faster pace on the treadmill.

In a more recent study of 184 US college students it was found the most popular types of exercise music were hip-hop, rock and pop. Also, different types of exercises called for varying tempos. For example, walkers tended to favour music at 120 beats per minute (bpm), while runners on a treadmill liked 160bpm. Another study found, however, that tempos greater than around 145bpm did not necessarily make you work out any harder.

The songs below all have decent tempos so are all great songs to get sweaty to. But we want to know which of them really help to drive your exercise session to that next level. You can click on more than one song you like – don’t forget to hit the ‘Vote’ button at the end to register your votes. Also, we’d love to hear about any songs we’ve missed in the comments section below. Happy voting!

Have we missed any of your favourite work-out songs? Leave a reply below so that others can rock to your work-out rhythm, too.

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