Beaut glutes are a given for most elite athletes who get them as a bonus due to their tough training regimens. But the rest of us aren’t so fortunate – to achieve buns of steel we need to adopt a regular work-out that’s targeted to the muscles in that area.

The good thing about these exercises is that, while they do target the butt, they also help to work out and tone other muscle zones by default so that your whole body will end up looking trim, taut and terrific. Plus, they can be done in a gym, at home or outdoors. Rocking those jeans and swimmers has never been so achievable!

Do 10 reps of each exercise, increasing to 20-30 as your muscles grow stronger. To get your beaut glutes more quickly, make a circuit of these exercises and aim for three sets at least three times a week..


While, you might be tempted to give up at the mere mention of the word ‘squat’, you’ll need to squat like there’s no tomorrow if you truly want a tight tush.

squatHow to: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms by your side. Turn toes out to about 30 degrees. Slowly bend at the knees, while squeezing your buttocks, until your thighs are parallel to the ground ensuring your knees are over the top of your ankles and no further. Your back must be straight, with chest lifted and eyes straight ahead (don’t look at the floor). You can push your arms out in front if it helps with your balance. Slowly return to standing and repeat.

Ramp it up: Hold your squat for 5-10 seconds. Hold a medicine ball or hand weights. Take the squat even lower.


No pain, no gain, so make your lunges count and you’ll reap the benefits.

lungeHow to: Standing with both feet together, take a big step forward with your left leg, leaving your right foot as is. Slowly bend both knees until the left knee is over your ankle and your right knee is just off the ground. Hold for a few seconds, then return to standing. Repeat on other leg.

Ramp it up: Increase your stance and take the lunge even lower. Hold the lunge at the bottom for 5-10 seconds.



Use a chair, wall or railing for balance while you are doing this exercise. It’s more important that you perform this exercise correctly than worry about keeping your balance.

back leg raiseHow to: Stand with both feet together and hands on your support object. Slowly take your right leg straight back as far as it can go while squeezing your glutes and standing straight (try not to bend your back too much). Slowly return the leg to the starting position. Repeat with other leg.

Ramp it up: Hold each leg for 5-10 seconds mid-way through the leg raise. Bend your knee and hold your leg for 5-10 seconds at the end of the lift. Place an elastic band around both legs and take your leg back slowly to about 45cm behind you.



This exercise is a good all-rounder that is terrific for toning the fronts and backs of thighs, glutes and core.

step ups

How to: Choose a good, solid step, such as the equipment at the gym, a wide step, or even a park bench or ledge. Stand in front of it with feet together. With glutes engaged, step up with the left foot, place the right foot next to the first, then return the right foot to the ground, followed by the starting left foot. Next, start with the right foot and complete the exercise, then left foot, and so on…

Ramp it up: Find a long staircase at home, work or in the neighbourhood, to run up and down and work your thighs, butt and lungs to the extreme.




Your heart rate is sure to increase with this exercise as you work your thighs, hamstrings and buttocks. Don’t try to break any records with how high the box is – incidentally, Darren Jackson holds the Aussie record for a standing box jump at an incredible 1.52 metres (59.66 inches). In order to get beaut glutes using this exercise, choose a reasonably high box and concentrate on good form as you jump.

box jump exerciseHow to: Stand in front of your sturdy box or wide step/ledge with legs slightly apart. Squat down slightly, then jump up onto the box while squeezing your glutes. Squat again and jump back down. Repeat.

Ramp it up: Vary the width of your stance with each set.





Do you do any of the above exercises for beaut glutes of your own? If you have any other tips, share them in the comments below.

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