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Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Motorsport has announced that the registration for volunteer Race Officials for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2021 has closed.

Code Of Conduct

As the registration for volunteer officials for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2021 closes, the new officials are to be announced by December.

License Structure & Pathways

Motorsport Australia officials are graded through a structure known as the Motorsport Australia Accredited Official Licensing Structure before they are licensed.

Training And Upgrading

Along with training people interested in becoming Motorsport Australia new officials, the organisation also holds random tests during which officials can upgrade their levels.


The importance and influence of motorsport in the Australian sporting community cannot be overemphasised.

Log Books & Safety Cages

A logbook is a method employed by Motorsport Australia to record proof of registration for competing vehicles.

Motorsports Australia Manual

Motorsports Australia has its manual published on its website to provide immediate, accurate answers to questions people may have about the organisation and any of its events.

Rally Vehicle Scheme

The registration scheme laid down by Motorsport Australia is known by different titles depending on the state.

Safety & Integrity

One of the core values upheld by Motorsport Australia is integrity. The organisation gave legal backing to this moral value when it threw its weight behind the merger.

Sporting & Technical

The regulations guiding the technical aspects of Motorsport Australia’s events are stringent and every competitor and anyone interested in active participation need to know them.


All sports events are in two ways – non-competitive or competitive. It depends on how you choose to practice/play them.


Race events have been in existence from when automobiles were invented. At first (1867), they were organised in a bid to test run the vehicles during reliability trials.

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An entirely different type of racing is Off-road racing. It takes place on many different terrains.

Social Speed & Non-Speed

Single Car And Multi Car
Speed and Non-Speed events are those that require a deliberate and astute calculation, sustenance and relinquishment of the speed a participant is on while driving.


In circuit racing, two or more cars race one another wheel to wheel. It is held on closed road circuits.