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Volunteers’ Registration For The Australian Grand Prix Has Closed

The Australian Motorsport has announced on its website that the registration for volunteer Race Officials for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2021 has closed. The closure of the registration came months after the positions were first opened to the public.

The body declared that the registration has closed for now but maybe opened again in June after the current applications have been reviewed. By November, all applicants would be contacted, and those who were successful would know then.

Positions Available

Here are some of the positions available for applicants:

There is the administration team, known as Team 21;

Marshal Services, known as Team 22;

Race control, known as Team 23;

Sector marshals referred to as Team 24;

Flag marshals, known as Team 25;

Observers/communication, commonly called Team 26;

Track marshals, known as Team 27;

Pit lane and grid, called Team 28;

Scrutiny, also known as Team 29;

Fire and rescue referred to as Team 30;

Recovery, known as Team 32;

Timing, regarded as Team 33;

Support paddock, also called Team 34;

Information, known as Team 36;

Boundary riders, who are known as Team 37;

Spectator marshals, known as Team 38;

Equipment referred to as Team 39;

Historic garage called Team 40;

Water rescue, named Team 41;

The medical team called Team 51;

CAMS accredited testing officials, commonly referred to as Team 54; and

Muster tent, also known as Team 55.

Frequently Asked Questions

People interested in volunteering at the Australian Grand Prix and some of the general public are sometimes interested in knowing more about the Australian Grand Prix and how to volunteer during the events. Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

What Is The Date Of The Australian Grand Prix?

The Australian Grand Prix’s tentative dates are 18 – 21 November 2021, subject to approval from FIA World Motor Sport Council.

Where Is The Location Of The Circuit?

The Grand Prix will be held at Albert Park in Melbourne’s CBD.

When Are Applications For Volunteers Open And Closed?

Applications for volunteers for the 2021 Australian Grand Prix closed on 18 December 2020 but might be opened again in June. After that, applicants would be contacted by November.

Are The Positions At The Australian Grand Prix Paid?

Positions at the Australian Grand Prix are volunteered and not paid.

Do I Need Experience In Motorsport Officiating Before I Can Volunteer At Australian Grand Prix?

You do not need experience in motorsport officiating before you can volunteer at the Australian Grand Prix. There are several positions open for people that are not technical in nature.

What Are The Uniform Rules At Australian Grand Prix?

Uniforms for volunteers depend on each official’s role. However, most officials wear overalls and they can be bought at Motorsport Australia or loaned from the Australian Grand Prix Collection. The colour is what differentiates most officials as the colour of your overalls depend on your department.

Can Someone Living Outside Australia Volunteer?

Yes. The Australian Grand Prix allows people from outside the country to volunteer for the events.