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Code of Conduct

As a Motorsport Australia Official, You Have a Code To Follow

As the registration for volunteer officials for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2021 closes, and the new officials are to be announced by December, there is a need for every prospective official to know the code of conduct.

The Motorsport Australia code of conduct is the set of rules that govern the administration and activities of the tournaments’ officials. The guidelines contained in the code of conduct regulate the behaviours of employees, officials and any other person representing or acting under the directives of Motorsport Australia at any point in time, place or capacity, including:

At motorsport events; whether competitions, sponsorships or other social events;

While travelling to and from those events; and

Every other time while wearing the apparels or uniforms of Motorsport Australia.

Here are some of the rules contained in the code of conduct accordingly;

The first rule is for officials to place safety, health and welfare above all else. The first set of people protected under this rule are children, as officials are mandated to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect.

This rule also stipulates that officials due care and caution at all times considering the inevitable risks attached to the Event. Finally, this rule states that officials must be physically and medically fit to carry out their duties.

The second rule in the code of conduct is for officials to obey the rules of the sport; both national and international. This includes any amendments that may be made to the rules at any point in time.

Thirdly, officials must comply with all the requirements of venues, Motorsport Australia and the law. Motorsport Australia’s requirements include that officials must respect the intellectual properties of the body, comply with Motorsport Australia Workplace Health and Safety Policy, and have a license issued by Motorsport Australia after all qualifications have been met.

The fourth rule enjoins professionalism and sportsmanship among officials. Officials are mandated to always be on good behaviour, dress properly, and be a good ambassador of Motorsport Australian.

Rule number five is designed to hold Motorsport Australia officials responsible and accountable for their actions while representing the organisation. Any official found herring of the rules would face disciplinary actions.

Rule six emphasises ethics, fairness, impartiality, honesty. These virtues are to drive the behaviours of officials when dealing with Motorsport Australia business and even outside of that. This rule also stipulates under which conditions officials can bet in a Motorsport Australia event.

The seventh rule states that officials must respect each other, be open to communication and feedback. Apart from other officials, officials of Motorsport Australia are also to respect all persons and treat them with courtesy without any form of discrimination. Under this rule, officials respect the lines of authority laid down for the event and comply with reasonable instructions from senior officials.

The eighth rule in the code of conduct is the last, and it enjoins officials to seek continual self-development. This can be done by volunteering in more events and completing training to upgrade your level of competency.