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International Licence

For drivers to participate in international aura events such as the FIA, there is the need to get an International Licence. According to the regulations of the FIA, these licences expire on the last day of each year.

This being the 31st December of each and every year. Essentially, International Licences are extensions offered to those at the National or Clubman Level. Although to obtain and retain these Licences, certain additional medical and maintenance guidelines must be put in place.

The organisation has different sets of rules in place for the different categories of competitors. There are guidelines for Australians competing on the home scene, there is another set of guidelines for non-Australians who want to compete in the country. Australians competing outside the country also have to follow a different set of guidelines.

These guidelines can be found on the Motorsport Australia website where they are categorised according to the people they are made for. Australians competing in Australia do not have much to sort out but follow the general guidelines that apply to all competitors. Foreigners competing in Australia have to follow the “Foreign Participation in National Events”. This body of rules elucidate everything a foreigner who wishes to compete in Australia has to follow.

Australians competing outside the country have to follow the guidelines stipulated in 2021 International Licence Application, International Competition Visa, and Trans-Tasman Visa.

Every competitor has to follow some general rules, one of the most important of which is the medical form. There are two different kinds of medical forms, one for national competitors known as “National Medical” and the other one, “International Medical” for international competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

International motorsport enthusiasts always have questions regarding the technicalities of participating in Australian sports events. The International & Visa segment of Motorsport Australia’s manual clearly explains all that is to know about international competitors participating in Australian events. It also provides the guidelines for Australians who wish to compete outside the country. The same segment also exists on its website.

Can Someone Outside Australia Compete In Motorsport Australia?

Anyone from any part of the world can compete in motorsport events in Australia. Such a competitor needs to fill some form to apply for the international competition visa and the international licence. This licence will allow such a person to compete in various events for a period of 12 months.

Although Australian sports events are always welcoming to competitors from other countries, international competitors need to undergo more tests than local competitors, especially medical tests and maintenance tests for their vehicles.

Can A Non-Australian Competitor Compete With Their Vehicle?

A non-Australian who wishes to participate in motorsport with their vehicle brought from their country of origin must clear such vehicle with the authorities. Firstly, such a vehicle must be qualified to participate in motorsport in its country of origin.

Also, inspectors will have to go through the vehicle thoroughly to ensure that it follows every rule of the competition. After this, the vehicle will undergo maintenance checks and the insurance must be up to date.

Can An Australian Compete In Motorsport Outside Australia?

Australians wishing to compete in motorsport outside Australia should visit the International Visa segment of Motorsport to know the guidelines. They can also download the manual and know all that is required.