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License Structure & Pathways

The Hierarchy of Australian Motorsport Officials

Motorsport Australia officials are graded through a structure known as the Motorsport Australia Accredited Official Licensing Structure before they are licensed. This structure has two parts: the Graded Officials Licenses and the non-graded official licenses.

The first part, the Graded Officials Licenses, has six grading levels that are available to every Motorsport Australia Accredited Officials to achieve. The non-graded official licenses, on the other hand, are divided into just two parts. These are specialist license holders and appointed license holders. The former include those with professional qualifications such as medical services providers. The latter, appointed license holders, are appointed directly by the management of Motorsport Australia.

There are diagrams to keep track of licences improvement and training modules. The hierarchy of graded officials goes thus: from general official to club chief (club level specific), bronze, silver and gold.

General Official

General officials work under direct and indirect supervision at motorsport events. The extent of supervision depends on the level of experience officiating motorsport events.

Club Chief

The next in line are club chiefs. They can work without supervision and mostly take on roles of Clerk of the Course / Event Director. They also take on team leader roles except for Chief Scrutineer or Chief Steward roles at club events. This excludes race, rally and off-road events.


The hierarchy of Bronze is for those officials with enough experience to take up any role without supervision. They are capable of taking any role of team leader and may take on the role of any official, even general official. They can officiate at any state-level event as a Chief and any level event as general official.


Silver ranked officials are a step above Bronze level officials. They can officiate without supervision and take on a team leader role in any event; taking responsibility for other officials. They can officiate as Chief up to National level events and as general officials at any level event.


Gold-ranked officials are the highest on the hierarchy of officials, licensed to officiate any event at any capacity without supervision. They can take on the role of team leaders, supervising others and taking responsibility for others. They can act as chiefs up to international level events and act as general officers at any level events.

Each official is given a licence to reflect their level of officiating capacity in motorsport events. However, an official may hold different levels for different disciplines at the same time.

A motorsport official may acquire officiating knowledge by taking courses and assessments, while experienced officiating personnel may do the same to upgrade their ranking. There is a Motorsport Australia Licencing Accreditation guide to help understand the nuances of licence structure and ranking.

Positions during motorsport events are filled based on the qualifications of officials to occupy officiating capacities. Officials can upgrade their licences and improve their pathways by taking courses and undergoing assessments during the offseason. They can then rack up volunteer experiences to put their knowledge to use and improve their resume.