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Log Books & Safety Cages

Even In Risky Sports, Safety Is A Concern

A log book is a method employed by Motorsport Australia to record proof of registration for competing vehicles. It usually contains the details of the car such as the description and specifications. A safety cage is a structure built to protect vehicles from crashing during competitions.

Every racer has a logbook for their competing vehicles, but its function is more than just a registration book. Schedule L of the Motorsport Australia Manual stipulates that logbooks must be present at all race meetings, rallies, state level and higher speed events, and off-road events.

Some Facts About The Log Book

Logbooks contain all the information about a competing vehicle.

Logbooks are only given after a scrutineer has inspected a car and approved it.

Logbooks can be gotten after inspection, even before getting a Motorsport Australia licence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the Motorsport Australia’s Log Book.

Will A Change From CAMS To Motorsport Australia Impact My Logbook?

Since the change from CAMS to Motorsport Australia on January 1, 2020, some administrative changes have been made to the organisation. However, this does not affect the validity of people’s log books; the CAMS logbook still remains current and valid. To get a new Motorsport Australia logbook, contact the Membership Hotline on 1300 883 959.

What Do I Do With My Logbook In Case My Car Gets Into An Accident?

If you gets into an accident, you must return your log book to Motorsport Australia. That one would be cancelled and a new one returned to you.

How Can I Apply For My Log Book?

You can apply for a log book for your vehicle by sending an application to This application must contain the form and photos of your vehicle.

How Do I Pay For My Logbook?

All log book applications are either sent to Motorsport Australia via post (PO Box 172, Canterbury LPO, VIC 3126), email or in person at Motorsport Australia House located at 275 Canterbury Road Canterbury, Victoria). The application is submitted along with a fee. This fee can be paid through cheque, money order or credit cards. New logbooks can only be issued in the Victoria offices of Motorsport Australia.

There is a list of approved pre-log book inspection scrutineers on the Motorsport Australia website, and they are categorised according to locations. This covers main regions such as NSW, ACT, Queensland, Northern Territory, Southern Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

There are several applications to fill, such as Automobile Legal Owner’s Declaration, Change of Ownership / Details, Extension Application, New Application, Replacement Application, and so on.

Safety Cages

For safety cages, here are some forms to fill before registration:

Safety Cage Structure FAQs

Spaceframe Registration

Type 1: Solo Roll Bar Registration

Type 2: Half Cage – Vehicle with a Targa Roof

Type 2: Half Cage Structure Registration

Type 3: Full Cage Structure Registration