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Motorsports Australia Annual

The Motorsport Manual Lays Down All The Rules.

Motorsports Australia has its manual published on its website to provide immediate, accurate answers to questions people may have about the organisation and any of its events. In the manual, there is a background to Motorsport Australia, historic appendix, circuit race appendix, speed event appendix, national competition rules, auto test appendix, off road appendix, rally/road appendix, technical appendix, judicial appendix and general appendix.

There is also recognition for brands supporting the manual. They are mostly brands sponsoring various aspects of the main events.

Each of the sections in the manual contains policies and frameworks that regulate every aspect of motorsport.


The first part of the manual gives an exposition to Motorsport Australia’s background, copyright notice and conditions of use, occupational health and safety policy, and titles in the Australian Grand Prix.

Historic Appendix

The historic appendix covers a lot of general rules in motorsport, such as the ban on leaded fuel for every Motorsport Australia sanctioned competitions. Some general rules and rules are specific to events. These rules cover topics under the umbrella of vehicle eligibility and equipment standards and guidelines.

National Competition Rules

The two main provisions under this segment regulate motorsport competition on the national level. These regulations are the 2021 National Competition Rules and 2021 NCR Concordance Guidelines. These two regulations are supplemented by items in the manual known as Appendices to the NCR.

Off Road Appendix

Regulations for off road events have been updated for the year 2021. The new amendments include items such as off road engine inspection and sealing, off road general requirements, off road specific requirements, off road hall of fame, off road stadium requirements, off road triennial vehicle inspection, and many more.

Rally / Road Appendix

This section provides for rally/road events and vehicle specifications. As the manual is always updated to reflect the realities of new years and seasons, this section has undergone an amendment this year. This amendment is known as Group 3C PRC Regulations – 2021.

Technical Appendix

The technical appendix part of the Motorsport manual is segmented into different parts called Schedules. It started with a classification of automobiles, definitions, schedules A and B, schedule C, schedule D (apparel), schedule E (wheels and tyres), schedule F (Aerofoils), schedule G (Fuel)

Schedule H (fire extinguishers), schedule I (safety harnesses and window nets), schedule J (safety cage structures), schedule K (markings on automobiles), schedule L (automobile log books), schedule M (scatter shields), and schedule N (fuel tanks).

There are also miscellaneous parts such as Motorsport Australia Insurance arrangement (Appendix I) and Fees & Charges payable to Motorsport Australia (Appendix R).

Judicial Appendix

The judicial appendix session of the manual contains sections on the Australian Motor Sport Appeal Court Panel; 2021 Judicial Appendix – AMSAC; and 2021 Judicial Procedures.

General Appendix

The general appendix contains items regulating the whole sport in general. Some of the items under the section are alcohol policy, alternative medical services, anti-doping policy, appendix T, competition fixing policy, general conditions for all titles, infectious diseases, licences, medical services, and safety testing policy. It also covers subjects such as fees and charges, as well as some miscellaneous.