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An entirely different type of racing is Off-road racing. It takes place in many different terrains. Of particular interest is the fact that the racing is held in off road locations such as in the mud, snow, sands, riverbeds which are all natural terrains.

Different vehicles are used in this type of racing. Vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, buggies and trucks are of particular interest.

Off road racing can come in many different types or formats. The two most popular ones are short course racing and desert racing. The latter is of long distance and, understandably, is otherwise called long course racing.

Short Course Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing (short-course) is a kind of auto racing that involves the use of modified vehicles. The races are held on dirt roads that are closed and of short distance between tens of kilometres and less. There are two forms involved in short course off-road racing.

In one form, the vehicles race outdoors on dirt roads. The other form involves the use of stadiums where vehicles can only race a shorter distance considering that, the participants are stuck within an arena.

In many countries of the world, a shorter and simpler track format gains ground at race fairs. Mostly they occur in Tuff or Tough Truck Competition. The tracks used in these kinds of competitions are often shorter and participants get to make their individual timed runs.

Long Course Off Road Racing

As has been mentioned earlier, long course racing can be otherwise referred to as desert racing. This is owing to the distance coverable in this type of off-road racing.  Most times, they are organised in lands set aside by the government for recreational purposes.

These lands often have tracks that run between 25 and 1000 miles. The different kinds of vehicles used depends on one major factor: the number of laps to be run. The suspension system setup of a vehicle or its engine’s size often makes it the chosen ones.

Aside from long and short course off-road racing, other road racing formats can be found in hill climbing or truck races that take place on slopes of snowy skis.

With Motorsport Australia, an off-road event must fulfil some conditions before its permit is granted. After the details that concern the Event Organiser is filled out, the next will be the details about the event itself. And in the documentation of the event itself, supplementary regulations are of very huge significance.

Depending on the coverage desired for the event, a Medical Response Plan must be formulated. The provisions of Medical Response Plan A is for a National Level Event. And for State and lower level events, a Medical Response Plan B must be put in place.

It is also important to provide information about the personnel to work at the event. Information about the medical teams must also be divulged to the competitors and fellow participants in the event. The Clerk of the Course must be provided with an infallible communication network for him to be able to link up with the medical services in cases of need.

Off-road racing is unarguably one of the most amazing event in motorsport racing worldwide. It is held in different countries and is supported by many different automobile company enthusiasts.