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Rally Vehicle Scheme

Regulations Guiding Motorsport Australia Rally Vehicle Scheme Are Divided Along Regional Lines.

The registration scheme laid down by Motorsport Australia is known by different titles depending on the state. Each state also has different governmental institutions in charge of the registration and has different requirements.


In NSW, it is known as Rally Vehicle Scheme (RVS) and is provided by the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). To register for the NSW Rally Vehicle Scheme, you need an overview of the NSW RVS Registration Handbook, NSW RVS approved certifiers/inspectors, and RMS Dedicated Rally Car technical manual.

First time applications and renewals also need to get NSW RVS Inspection Form and RMS Vehicle Declaration Form. First-timers also need to get RMS Application for Conditional Registration and RMS RVS Rally Vehicle Agreement.

Other miscellaneous forms to get before registering for the Rally Vehicle Scheme in NSW are NSW RVS Notice of cancellation and NSW RVS Certifier Applications.


In Queensland, the conditional registration scheme is known as Rally Vehicle Registration Scheme (RVRS) and is overseen by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. There is a list of registration guidelines for Queensland RVRS on the Motorsport Australia website as well as a list of approved RVRS inspectors in Queensland.

First-time applicants have to get the QLD RVRS Application to Operate & Inspection Form. For renewals, it is the QLD RVRS Application to Operate Renewal Form. Other miscellaneous forms include QLD RVRS Notice of Cancellation and QLD RVRS Inspector Application.


There are three different types of conditional registration in Tasmania and they are Special Interest Vehicle, Club Event Registration, and Non-Compliant Vehicles. Applications to each of these schemes are made to the Department of Transport, Tasmania. There are different procedures to follow for each type.


In Victoria, the conditional registration scheme is known as Rally Permit Scheme (RPS) and it is provided by VicRoads. The Rally Permit Scheme caters for vehicles used in rallies organised by motorsport organisations approved by VicRoads. RPS permits are unregistered vehicle permits (UVP) valid for 12 months. They are identified with the “rally permit” number plate. Applications are submitted to for approval.

Western Australia

The registration of rally vehicles is still in its early stage in Western Australia. Motorsport Australia and the Department of Transport, WA are still working on the development of the Dedicated Rally Vehicle. While the bureaucracies are being sorted out, rally vehicles can access the road network through the Dedicated Rally Vehicle Program currently in place.

This requires filling some forms such as the DRV Procedures and Requirements, DRV Inspection Records and Application, and DRV DoT Letter of Approval.

Southern Australia

In SA, the conditional registration scheme is known as Dedicated Rally Vehicle Scheme or DRV. It is provided by the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure. To register, here are some forms to be filled:

DRV Manual

DRV Administrative Procedure

DRV Application to Build

DRV Letter of Introduction

DRV Transfer of Ownership

Northern Territory

The Motor Vehicle Registry handles the registration of rally vehicles in the Northern Territory.