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Single Car And Multi Car

Speed and Non-Speed events are those that require a deliberate and astute calculation, sustenance and relinquishment of the speed a participant is on while driving. It comes mostly in two modes – with single cars and with multi cars. 

In the single car category, there is a race event – Motorkhana which is also called OST. It comes with a low cost. This is because of the trivial process the practice its practice entails. Its process involves manoeuvring one car through constrictive tests with a pace that is as sharp as possible.

It has space for one car at a time and it takes place on bitumen surface or dirt. To succeed in this, it often requires some accuracy in spinning and sliding the car as the driver maintains some speed through the course of the test. Usually, some reversing is included.

In the single car category, there is another competition that takes place on bitumen, unsealed surfaces and sometimes, a combination of both surfaces. This competition is called Khanacross. It involves a series of tests occurring on various layouts.

Each of these tests is designed to determine the braking, acceleration and generally, the manoeuvrability of the vehicle. Of course, this does not go down without considering the judgement and skill of the driver handling the wheels.

Another exciting type of speed event that requires only a single car is a burnout. It is plainly fun. Your car can produce a cloud of blue-grey smoke for the little cost of a tiny little tire thread. Just like any other kind of smoke, tire smoke is an array of floating molecules that are free in the air.

Burnout is the most fun you can have from friction while keeping your trousers zipped. To drag racers, however, means a lot more than just fun. One of the oldest forms of motorsport is hill climbing which is also known as speed hill is climbing. In this sport, drivers majorly compete to finish an uphill course within the clock.

Under the multi-car category, sports such as Autocross, Super Sprint, Drift Battle and Regularity become a thing.  Autocross, for one, is a competition timed amidst drivers. They navigate on a defined course through either unsealed or sealed surface. It emphasises active participation and safe competition. 

Super sprinting is a little different from the others in that it serves as the point of entry into motorsport competitiveness. The aim is to avail the people an opportunity to drive their vehicles — which are road registered – on race circuits under situations and conditions similar to that of a regular motor race. In this competition, each participant races against the clock rather than racing against the other cars on the track.

Drift battle is a speed event that requires drifting – expectedly. Drifting is a technique that is in use when a driver oversteers intentionally while keeping control and winding the car through a corner’s entirety. This happens with loss of traction. Often, the front wheels point in the opposite direction when making these turns. This kind of event is a thing in car races as well.

Lastly, there is a racing event called regularity. It is a competition that involves a driver nominating a specific lap time and trying as much as possible to keep up with the time all through a number of laps in the day’s race circuit. The competitor with the least number of points emerges winner while the farthest from the nominated lap time is announced as last in ranking.