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Training and Upgrading

It Is Not Just Athletes Who Train, Sports Officials Do Too

Along with training people interested in becoming Motorsport Australia new officials, the organisation also holds random tests during which officials can upgrade their levels. Details of the whole processes are on Motorsport Australia’s website and are broadly divided into four: enrolment in an online course; enrolment in a physical class; licence upgrade booking; and licence renewal. Training modules, events assessment and other training resources are all on the website.

Before you register for a course, it is important to check whether your enrolling courses are available for you. This is because some of the courses are available online, while some are offered only physically. Five notable courses that are available online are the introductory module, bronze circuit official; bronze event administration, bronze event command, bronze rally/bronze off-road. There are also assessments to test various parts of the learning process.

These training modules cover the essentials of being a motorsport official, the perks and the responsibilities attached. Also, some of these courses are general in nature, which makes them compulsory for every intending official. Conversely, some courses are specific to some positions such as club chief.

Apart from the training modules available online listed above, some other courses are not available online, mostly due to their technical nature and the need for physical classes to achieve efficiency. These courses are:

Bronze Fire & Rescue;

Bronze Scrutineer;

Bronze Steward;

Bronze Timekeeper;


Gold; and


Other training resources available on the websites are event assessment information for Motorsport Australia officials; officials licencing and accreditation guide; and recognition of prior learning and experience (RPLE).

The event assessment information for Motorsport Australia Officials is a requirement for officials to upgrade. There is a training module for that as well. Official licencing and accreditation guide covers the National Officiating Program licence structure, maintenance requirements, training and other necessary information.

The recognition of prior learning and experience was established as an exception for officials who are unable to follow a standard process. The RPLE helps them to licence and upgrade when they meet certain criteria.

Event Assessment

Whenever an official or prospective official is to be assessed, such official must bring with him/her a relevant event assessment form to the event he/she is being assessed at.

These may be for: Bronze Administration; Bronze Circuit; Bronze Event Command; Bronze Fire and Rescue; Bronze Off-Road; Bronze Rally; Bronze Scrutineer; Bronze Steward; Bronze Timekeeping; Club Chief; Silver Official; Gold Official; Event Assessor.

Apart from the form, efforts that go into event assessment are still much. Activities involved include booking an event assessment, planning the assessment, team assessing, and conducting the assessment.

It doesn’t end there, after the event, you have to submit your completed Event Assessment Form and other documentation to the Motorsport Australia National Office for processing. You can send it through the post to Motorsport Australia Member Services, PO Box 172, Canterbury, LPO, Victoria 3126. You may also fill in a record of the Event Assessment in your Motorsport Australia Officials’

Licence Passbook, which is inside the back cover of your form. If you have any enquiry regarding your Event Assessments, you may contact Motorsport Australia on 1300 883 959 or